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W101 Farming's Gender Bias and PSA

I've never played WoW, but I know I like orange better than the blue stuff the Alliance uses, so there! (pbbtth!)
Mountain Dew Game Fuel Horde Banner
Then again, blue would fit my Ice Wizard better. Too bad I don't like raspberry or most mixed-berry stuff.

gazerwolf and I were farming Oakheart (a walking tree boss) in MooShu last night, hoping he would drop a Fire sword for me or at least a cute Treant pet. In a half-dozen or so tries, Gazer got the pet and three copies of the sword. Me? I got a bunch of robes & hats I can't use (most for Storm or Fire schools only). My best item was a potted cattail, a nice housing item. He also helped me a few times with another boss I've been farming for the past week with no luck; he got another sword, I still got mostly crap. Some nice furniture stuff, but nothing that will help in a battle. I've gotten stuck in the Grand Chasm, need to defeat a fire boss with two fire minions, haven't been able to get past them on my own yet. I've gotten close a couple of times, with a spell queued up that would have beaten them, but somehow they've always managed to take me out before it goes off. Hate. Them. So. Much. You'd think even with three on one an Ice mage would have an easier time against Fire.

Some of the discussions over at Wizard 101 Central seem to indicate male characters on average have better luck farming than girls do, getting more of the good stuff in fewer tries. I know the in-game shops are cheaper for boys, the same item in the same colors costs more for a girl. I'll probably get a sword sooner or later, but it's really frustrating.

On a total side note, I got hit by a truck on my way to work this morning. (I'm fine, don't freak.)

No injuries other than a few bruises, just really embarrassed at all the fuss - cops, EMT's, poor guy driving the pickup couldn't apologize fast enough. I was trying to calm him down, I think. I've done a lot worse to myself tripping over cracks in the sidewalk. I'm only mentioning it here to remember the date, in case something comes up later.

I'd gotten off the bus at the Transit Center and was walking toward work, started across Vine and was very surprised when a huge truck literally appeared out of nowhere, right in front of me. No fear - happened too fast - just total surprise. Took a few seconds afterward to process and figure out what had happened. I had headphones on, the light had just changed as I walked up to the corner and the first few cars were starting straight down Limestone so I thought it was clear. He was coming down Limestone and turned right onto Vine, he'd been a couple of cars back when the light changed and went when they did. There's poles right on the corner and as short as I am with that big pickup he didn't see me crossing Vine in front of him. We were both tired, he'd worked third shift and I was up late last night. (See game notes above.)

His tire clipped my left foot, running over my big toe, and it pushed me back so I fell down, landing on the side of my right shin on the asphalt. Not sure if the truck actually pushed me, or if I stumbled trying to dodge back away from it, but there's black smudges on the left side of my shirt & pants that I'm pretty sure rubbed off his fender. Nothing broken, twisted or even scraped, just a couple of bruises and some swelling in that right shin, on the side below the knee. The toe that went under the tire hurt for awhile, but it's hurt a lot worse stubbing it on the bedframe in the middle of the night. There was a traffic cop a couple of cars behind the truck, he saw the accident coming before either of us did, he already had paramedics on the way by the time he got out of his car. They offered to take me in for precautionary x-rays and such "just in case" but I said no, I just wanted to stop being the center of attention and a lot of ruckus and get on with my day. I've got the driver's name and phone number in case it gets worse later or anything, and directions for getting a copy of the accident report.

So, the PSA, courtesy of the traffic officer: Try to avoid crossing the street where traffic could be making a right turn toward you. Instead of crossing Vine first in front of turning traffic, it would have been safer to go straight across Limestone first then cross Vine on the upflow side of Limestone. A good tip to remember.
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