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Took Benny to the doctor today for his 18-month checkup. His PT was worried about his hips & knees because he's bow-legged. He was worse a month ago when she was last here, it's been getting better gradually now that he's walking most of the time. Dr. says his feet turn in a little, and so do his shin bones. She's pretty sure he'll outgrow it on his own, but wants to check him again in another three months. She'll decide at that point whether to refer him to Shriner's Hospital for leg braces or not. Hopefully he won't need them.

Used the Kid Leash to keep up with him, he's too big to carry for very long and is getting too big for the stroller. Of course, he rarely wanted to go the same direction I did...

Went to the grocery on the way home, went in for milk & came out with almost $90 worth of stuff, mostly canned chunky soups & Chef Boyardee. (Both had a really good sale, and no limit.) They also had precut raw veggies 2-for-1 so I got a couple of bags for nibbling. Probably be better for me without the ranch dip, but still better than chips.
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