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Basic math isn't that hard, is it?

One of our housekeeping supervisors couldn't get it through her head that no, I didn't short her vacation hours. She came by my office to complain, pay stub in hand.

"I took a week off, how come I only got paid 20 hours?"

(I dug up her vacation request form.) You asked off for a week ending August 9th, the end of the pay period was the 6th. Part of it was on your last check, and the rest will be on the next one.

"But I was gone all week, why didn't I get 40 hours' vacation?"

I just said that. We get paid every two weeks, each pay week runs Friday through Thursday. You worked Friday and Saturday before you left, I added enough vacation hours to bring that week up to 40. The rest of your vacation gets added to the days you worked when you got back to bring that next week up to 40. You're getting 40 hours a week, just like always, it's just split up over two pay periods.

"But it says I only had 59 hours last check, not 80!"

Look, it says you worked 59-and-change hours (punching in on a calculator where she can see it) plus the vacation hours (punching that in) adds up to 80 (showing her the total), and that's not even counting the overtime you had the week before you left (adds that too) so you got paid for more than 80 hours on that check, it's not short. You'll have another 11 hours and change on your next check (more punching numbers) to bring that week up to 40 hours too.

"But I took a week off, why didn't I get 40 hours' vacation?"

Because you can't use vacation hours to go into overtime. You worked some before you left, some when you got back, and you got enough vacation time to bring both those weeks up to 40 hours each.

"But ..."

It went round and round like that for way too long, I think she finally just gave up and left. I don't know how I could have explained it any clearer. *shrug*

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