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What part of "Do Not Disturb" says "Go ahead and bother me, it'll only take a minute, I won't mind"? All afternoon it's been a parade of people knocking on my closed office door. Need a bus pass. Need a parking pass. (Those at least make a little sense.) Need change for the vending machines. (Not my problem.) How many vacation days do I have left? (Not an answer they need Right This Minute.) Can I pick up my dueback? (They aren't done yet.) Can I pick it up now? (No, it's still not ready.) How 'bout now? (How am I supposed to get it done if you keep bugging me about it?)

The best was someone who stayed here over the weekend, she got tired of answering machines and finally managed to get hold of the GM's office demanding to talk to a person Right Now, so the secretary transferred her to me. Short version, she'd wanted most of her stay put on one card and the rest on her debit card, front desk preapproved the main one (instead of going ahead and charging it) then billed the whole thing to her debit card when she checked out. She sees two pending transactions on her bank site and thinks she's been double charged, and now her debit card's bouncing. Must. Fix. Now. (Yes, it was messed up, but sadly it's not easily fixed. Even if we immediately refund the debit card and bill that first card like it was supposed to be, it can take up to a week for everything to process through the credit card system. That's all the banks' doing, nothing we can do to speed that up, sorry about your luck.)

So yeah, it's half an hour until I usually leave and I still haven't touched Sunday's deposit. And we had a Jonas Brothers' concert across the street last night so it'll take awhile. I just needed to vent first before I start throwing things or screaming obscenities.
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