Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

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one of those days

Just got to work and it's already one of those "give up and roll with the punches" kinda days. Kept dozing off so I got a late start. The 2nd bus (not the earlier one I usually catch) was a couple minutes early so I barely caught it, then we got stuck a block from the transit center waiting for some big digger to turn around in the intersection through a couple cycles of the light so the other busses left before we pulled in. (Fortunately I wasn't transferring but I sympathize with those who missed their connections.) Ankles bothering me more than usual walking across downtown, and of course I forgot to refill the naproxen bottle I keep in my backpack. And when I put the backpack on the desk, I knocked my Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar over backwards so all the loose pages spilled down behind it where they're really hard to pick up (involves crawling under the desk and moving the tower PC around) let alone putting them all back in order again.

So yeah, it's one of those days already. And I'm just getting started. sigh
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