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way too late again

This is what I get for drinking coffee in the late afternoon. It's 4:30am and I'm barely considering bed.

I listened to the live taping of Ravenwood Radio tonight, which was great fun. (It'll be show #15 when the podcast goes up). Went to the ingame after-party and friended a few bloggers, including Kevin Battleblood, one of the Ice Grandmasters I did the Study Hall with for RR #14. He showed me around his houses (in Wizard 101) which was a lot of fun and took a couple of hours for the full tour. He's built an obstacle course for a contest he's running this weekend and asked me to help moderate it. Sounds like a lot of fun, and it'll be done before gaming, so cool.

Kevin finally had to get offline so I caught up on LJ, and Kevin & Kell caught my eye (via kevinnkell_rss) so I went to their site and worked my way backwards, next thing I knew I was clear into 2008 strips and it was this late.

At least I'm on vacation so I don't have to get up in a couple of hours, I would have skipped that coffee on a work night I hope. Anyway, good night folks.

PS I'm running to represent Ice school in the Wizard 101 community's Student Teacher Elections. Check out to vote through the end of May. As Sierra Starsong, I'm co-blogging with Sean Emeraldweaver over at Modern AutoMagic.

PPS I've somehow gotten an itchy sore-ish throat, it hurts a little when I swallow. This can't be good. I'm guessing the rain last weekend now has the mold & pollen counts through the roof. And make that 5am now...
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