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dress code whine

Feeling really down today, nervous and uber self-conscious since I found a printout of the company's dress policy in my inbox this morning. No clue whether everybody got them or if it's just me. Nobody's said anything, but I can't help but wonder if they're hinting at something I'm doing wrong. Anyway, I just need to whine and (hopefully) get it out of my system so I can get over it and move on.

My clothing options have been limited by both my size and funds. Women's 10WW shoes (double wide), 5x shirts & pants, all had to be special ordered as nowhere in town carries anything big enough to fit me. I've had the same pair of white sneakers 4+ years now, no holes or rips but they're kinda scruffy looking. Code says no sneakers, supposed to be black or brown dress shoes, at the time these were the only color/style available that fit. (Special from a New Balance shop, they were around $120 back then which took forever to save up for, but like I said I've been wearing them a few years now. I had been getting affordable ~$30 shoes from Walmart before that but they were always tight and only lasted a few months before my big feet ripped the side loose from the sole.)

I ordered a week's worth of pants & shirts with our tax refund this year, now I'm wondering if the tops are too close to T-shirts (also on the forbidden list) but again, it's all I could find that fit in my price range. If the shirts are a problem - and nobody's said they are - I can't afford to replace them again.

They've got a company that sells non-skid work shoes through payroll deduction here, according to their online chat support they don't carry double-wide womens but they've got a couple of unisex styles in men's wide that 'should' be equivalent to a ladies double wide 1 1/2 sizes smaller. HR guy's running all over the building so his office is locked, I've emailed him to ask about the shoes. And I found my nametag (which I usually forget to wear), it's magnetic and had gotten stuck to the inside of the safe some time when I bent over to empty it.

Seriously, if I'm doing something wrong, someone please pull me aside and let me know so I can fix it. I've got a lot of autistic tendencies, I don't have the same understanding of social norms most folks assume everyone knows.
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