Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 08-18-2010

  • 10:34:53: I feel like a real-estate investor playing Flip This Robe. Went from 42K to 125K in a couple of hours last night. Thanks @BenFairydust!
  • 11:29:13: @Syfy Classic Trek, "City on the Edge of Forever" - If you could change the past, would you? Should you?
  • 11:30:22: @Syfy Trek NextGen, "Measure of a Man" - Explores what makes us human by debating Data's humanity.
  • 11:30:38: RT @Syfy: What are the best, most memorable, iconic, or popular single episodes of sci-fi TV, in your opinion? (And why if you can fit i ...
  • 11:35:14: @Syfy Eureka, "I Do Over" - My favorite ep of the series, layer upon layer of emotion and loss and sacrifices for love.
  • 11:39:41: @Syfy Futurama, "Jurassic Bark" - The best of my very favorite series, goes from funny to tear-jerker in nothing flat.
  • 11:45:31: @Syfy Buffy, "Once More With Feeling" - What's not to like about a musical? "Hush" - Storytelling without dialog, not an easy feat.
  • 13:34:56: @billengvall Time to finally free those IGJoe POW's behind the fridge?
  • 14:21:33: RT @tommune: A touching ad about seatbelt use:
  • 15:25:09: @MerleAmbrose The 3rd person we meet is Private Stillson, gatekeeper of Unicorn Way. (Gamma's your pet, not a person!)
  • 16:36:52: @ScarletMoonflwr I could be wrong, depends whether W101 counts a pet as a person or not. I guessed "3rd person met" = 3rd human.
  • 16:41:22: @tipadaknife But Gamma's "badge" says Headmaster's Pet. I can see it either way, hoping everybody else is wrong (but it's prob me)

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