Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 08-20-2010

  • 11:09:06: RT @nbcstore: RT this b4 9pm est today 2 enter 2 win #Community swag. Just in time for back to school!
  • 11:10:36: @MerleAmbrose So apparently I was wrong, Gamma is a person after all. Sorry about that Headmaster, I'll clean his perch for a week.
  • 15:24:02: @Deathshard You'll only get the 17K price if the Bazaar has 0 for sale, close the interface & reopen it to update prices if they're stuck.
  • 15:42:11: Give a #followfriday #ff to @DarkHorseComics where Serenity still flies & Buffy still guards Sunnydale! (Oh, and CONTESTS!)
  • 15:45:59: @knitmoregirls Wish I had #cakeonfridays *pout*. Also, any clue approx how many yds in 8oz fingering weight Merino? (Ask the Intern?)
  • 16:02:14: @kevbattleblood Just saw your BMC#1 vid, now I can't get that Cotton Eyed Joe song out of my head! (Gotta find MP3 when I get home.)
  • 17:59:23: @Gazerwolf LOL! We do already have Cotton Eye Joe, 2x! Just added it to my Favorites playlist.
  • 18:03:53: Tip for #wayfinderschemersanonymous - log in 2 "extra" wizards & leave them in Bazaar & Dye Shop for quick ports.
  • 18:08:20: @kevbattleblood Haven't noticed a lag triple boxed, the porters are in minimized windows so no graphics updating. Move em every few trips.
  • 18:15:26: Why is the girls' cheapest Wayfinder robe more expensive than the boys' version? Really slows down the profit margin.
  • 18:20:25: @HeatherRavenWiz We've got one orange, but true, boys get 2 (their dark orange slot is our pink)
  • 18:24:30: Our Silver & Gold are boys' Grey & Brown, just same colors w/different names. Dk Orange/Pink is the only real change.
  • 18:25:35: @Mistheart What's a glitch? (Too many tweets to keep up with!)
  • 18:27:32: @BenFairydust DOAW symbol is from somewhere, I've lost the direct URL. @diaryofawizard Do you still have the link?
  • 18:30:57: @BenFairydust Both my guy alts are already at max gold from #Wayfinder$, did them first then ShareBank robes. Gals gotta get their own gold.
  • 18:33:41: I may "borrow" my sons' wizards while they're at granny's this weekend & get 'em all filthy rich. Surprise!
  • 18:36:35: Thx all for fun afternoon, I gotta get offline & head 2 Cicis Pizza for dinner & then home. PLOX!
  • 18:38:42: @BenFairydust Woot's faster to type? Also, check - one deal one day. Great bargains sometimes.

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