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Star Songs

August 24th, 2010

From Twitter 08-23-2010 @ 03:20 am

  • 11:16:59: @Syfy Who won the Flip camcorder last week? Hope it's me!
  • 14:19:21: Poll: Which hybrid are you most interested in? I already have Frostcaller, and 6 of 7 GM pets (no Helephant yet) to mix with.
  • 14:20:24: Trying to figure out which to train to adult first in order to mix for hybrids.
  • 14:22:25: Also wondering if I should convince my oldest son to train his Storm Beetle so I can mix for a Rain Beetle (love their colors).
  • 17:31:05: RT @XXLGaming: Chance to win a @Zune HD Prize Package! Entry open from now until August 30th. Details: http://bit.ly/bI60oB #xbox360 #zu ...
  • 19:02:37: @_S_A_R_A_H_ Are you and Andy fighting? You seem a little cranky.
  • 19:11:18: Ugh! Who dumped 7 Wayfinder Uniforms on the Bazaar at once?!? I've got a load of all-black dresses & can't afford to buy 'em all out.
  • 22:36:57: Tried hatching 2x, got part-life Ice Colossus & part-ice Orthrus, no hybrids. Frostcaller 1st try must've been beginner's luck!

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Star Songs