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Star Songs

August 26th, 2010

From Twitter 08-25-2010 @ 03:18 am

  • 10:35:35: @kevbattleblood NOOO!!! Just when I bought up half the materials for crafting a GZ house!! Now what am I gonna do with a dozen robes?
  • 10:45:11: W101 is patching - anyone know what "gauntlet_hard" and "gauntlet_medium" might be? Saw those flash by as it loaded.
  • 10:47:23: @kevbattleblood Any strategies for a 2-wizard Coven run, w/one being either Balance or Death, other anything but Fire?
  • 10:49:27: Hubby has 2 GMs (death & balance), my main acct has all schools but fire, 48th Myth & other 5 GMs. (My 37th Fire alt's on hubby's acct)
  • 10:54:38: @kevbattleblood Balance / Storm makes a lot of sense. Gonna have to practice that one. Thanks!
  • 12:16:21: @spiritcaller News like the Rise & Fall of the Wayfinders? *grin*
  • 12:52:35: @spiritshade101 I'm guessing EU servers will be non-English, UK/AUS would still use American English version of the game.
  • 12:54:27: @spiritshade101 They'll need to translate all the quest scripts, voiceovers, help screens, interfaces, etc - prob'ly German first
  • 12:55:58: Glad I tucked away a spare Wayfinder helmet for my Myth alt (lvl 48) last night, just realized no way to get it w/out doing Warehouse now.
  • 13:15:02: @HeatherRavenWiz Jim Croce quote FTW! (That's hubby's favorite song)
  • 13:35:27: @HeatherRavenWiz http://bit.ly/dv13e8 Croce based it on a Rudyard Kipling poem, tho Wikipedia doesn't mention the song
  • 13:36:18: RT @BradPaisley: The circle is back in place at the Opryhouse. And the world is right.
  • 15:02:37: @LJonte Yep, as of today's patch the Wayfinder gear is all no-auction.
  • 16:23:21: @spiritcaller There's a Twitter question for tonight's show, what might those mean? (hehe!)
  • 16:31:14: @Deathshard @FriendlyNecro Confirmed: found "CRC_Holiday-Halloween-Gauntlet" +difficulties & floor numbers in Patch Info folder
  • 16:34:52: @MythspentYouth I think it scans every file every time it loads, to check version numbers and patch as needed.
  • 16:38:43: @Syfy How about Madison Cube Garden, from Futurama's New New York? (That's the only thing I can think of.)
  • 17:16:16: @knitmoregirls Did you mean contest Prizes? Those don't look much like preemie hats. :)
  • 17:56:43: @spiritcaller Balance this week? The whole Wayfinder thing was a game balance issue, wasn't it? (interesting theme tie-in)
  • 18:02:58: @icywiz Sure you've got the right time zone? I'm getting 210 minutes to showtime (give or take a couple).

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Star Songs