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From Twitter 08-26-2010

  • 11:15:42: @JThundersword I'd move to Shoshun Village in Mooshu (with the big water wheel) or Anders Holt in Grizzleheim.
  • 11:17:23: @mooncatcher101 Down to 7 health? Yikes! And I thought anything under 100 was scary-low.
  • 11:36:11: @BlanchardAuthor Official #Wizard101 sounds & @FriendlyNecro's remixes
  • 11:39:07: @LJonte Not funny, but our RPG rule was "No, your character cannot have wings!" (one guy kept trying)
  • 11:44:11: @BlanchardAuthor I've got them all in a playlist on my Zune, when work's driving me nuts & I can't go ITS.
  • 11:45:50: @BlanchardAuthor Also, my usual work screensaver is a #Wizard101 slideshow of pics from my favorite blogs
  • 14:01:15: Watchtower Hall owners: How do you keep track of all the components, bought & crafted, to see what you still need to buy?
  • 14:22:03: Just realized I can split up crafting parts betw wizards on same acct and use Shared Bank to give parts to the Master Artisan. D'oh!
  • 14:22:50: @PaigeMoonShade I was thinking that too, slower but easier to keep up with if it's all in one place.
  • 14:24:36: RT @postsecret: Not feeling old enough this morning? Macaulay Culkin, who stared in the 'Home Alone' movies, turns 30 today.
  • 14:27:36: @HeatherRavenWiz Probly use unfurnished Ice house for staging. Need to clean out MB mansion & put out For Sale sign.
  • 14:29:14: Hubby finished his Watchtower Hall this morning, green doesn't look good on an Ice wizard...
  • 14:31:06: Note to self: Stop obsessing about GZ Hall & get back to work!
  • 14:32:12: Construction slowed for lack of funds when Wayfinder "investors" pulled out. :(
  • 15:45:05: @stevehamner I miss my favorite 4e Cleric Warrior (converted from 3/3.5), Priestess to lord of the Underworld. Our GM moved out of state.
  • 15:53:08: @GMA Missed you this morning, Dish Network lost our local ABC affiliate's feed the whole show. Hope it's fixed for @LadyAntebellum tmrw!

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