Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 08-27-2010

  • 02:07:22: @ravenwoodradio Site idea: links to the different Study Hall episodes in the sidebar, where wizards can easily find them.
  • 02:11:26: Danger Hound's whole #petnome looks like KI had a copy & paste bug from the Heckhound base model, Death pet w/all Fire boosts. Whoops.
  • 02:13:32: Yeah, I'm still awake, and have to get up for work in less than five hours. Second night of insomnia in a row. Caffeine's vicious cycle.
  • 10:38:27: I hope the starfish is a mob enemy, I'd much rather have the Anglerfish for a pet. (At least the starfish isn't pink!)
  • 10:40:20: @PaigeMoonShade I've been wondering about the Myth pool house myself, darn thing doesn't work.
  • 10:44:44: @Deathshard Icehounds are hybrid (hatched) pets, we're only gathering #petnome info on 1st-generation bought or dropped pets, but thanks!
  • 10:47:31: @Deathshard Scroll down a little to a green link to submit entries for dropped/bought (non-hatchery) pets.
  • 10:50:12: @DiaryofaWizard Sorry I'll miss the party Sat night, that's when we host our weekly RPG group. Have fun everybody!
  • 12:43:14: @kevbattleblood Looks like Spell-Proof can still be inherited via hatching, but 1G pets that had it were limited edition giftcard pets
  • 12:48:33: @kevbattleblood Re:bugs - Pets calc boost % w/formulas based on stats, so gear total can show rounding errors +/- 1%.
  • 12:50:26: @kevbattleblood Time to ask @LydiaGreyrose or @MerleAmbrose on the official @101 boards?
  • 12:56:54: Wish I had one (or a few) right now! RT @ sesamestreet Cookie Monster: For me, eating cookies more than obsession: it lifestyle.
  • 12:57:56: @Shadowthistle Only thing worse is the "Collect 10" type quests so you have to fight at least that many, usually more.
  • 14:07:37: @kevbattleblood Put 2 teams of pets on a chessboard & let 'em fight it out, like in Star Wars.
  • 16:08:00: @kevbattleblood That is one sweet Pig! Might havta hatch with him once her Fire Serpent or Magma Colossus levels up some more.
  • 17:29:56: If you use iTunes keep a close eye on your bill, I just disputed a charge from them & don't own an iPod. #ILoveZune and you should too!

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