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Star Songs

September 2nd, 2010

From Twitter 09-01-2010 @ 03:20 am

  • 10:39:36: @mooncatcher101 I've only had time for a quick skim so far, looks great! I love that it's printable so I can read it on the bus.
  • 10:41:21: @JessTheTheurge Don't give up, it took my life wiz a couple of weeks to get Kraysis to fork over her hat.
  • 10:51:54: @JThundersword Glad to see another wizard knitter! (I've got an in-progress sock in my purse.)
  • 11:24:18: Ever wonder what the parts for GZ's Watchtower Hall might look like all at once? Here's hubby's staging area: http://bit.ly/9Pmodt
  • 13:37:15: @BlanchardAuthor Ice 2nds = I took Death to Feint & Balance to Weakness
  • 13:38:54: @JessTheTheurge If at least one 'parent' has an Epic talent, then yes, hatchling might inherit it regardless of its species.
  • 13:41:30: @Beau_Hindman Love game so much they groan all the time = MMOpers (mope mope!)
  • 15:21:05: Any #twizards know how much Mr. Lincoln charges for a Grandmaster to retrain? I like @Moon_Gem's Feint/Satyr strategy.
  • 17:53:15: Mr Lincoln sez retraining all 18 pts = 5250 Crowns. I want to keep most of 'em, wish I could pick & choose instead of all or nothing! :(
  • 19:10:20: @thestormedyouth If it's the first time on a new computer (one that hasn't run it before) it takes awhile to get all the patch updates.

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Star Songs