Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 09-02-2010

  • 10:35:01: @JessTheTheurge Crabling's a balance pet too.
  • 10:57:03: Looks like @MMOSanctuary has fixed their registration problems, I just entered their Wizard101 contest. Woot!
  • 11:31:49: They did say "on the planet" - not necessarily American. Also "teen icon" could be fictional - Percy Jackson? Edward or Jacob?
  • 11:36:47: At least Percy Jackson would fit right in with Celestia's underwater themes.
  • 11:38:55: Or an exchange program w/Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place
  • 11:55:47: @kevbattleblood Ah, but Captn Jack isn't exactly a Teen icon any more, is he?
  • 12:13:48: Today is officially Headache Day. Got something in my eye last night, banged my forehead, and just got paper cut by the same eye.
  • 12:25:38: @kevbattleblood lol Touch typist, don't need to see. Most useful high school class I ever took. Also, Firefox Zoom comes in handy.
  • 17:49:06: Only need 60 Diamonds & 120 Scrap Iron to finish my Watchtower Hall, plus the main recipe. So Close! Hope to finish over the weekend.
  • 23:08:56: @kevbattleblood How do you know it'll be a girl?
  • 23:12:18: @kevbattleblood Bulk reagent selling? Ok, but bulk BUYING would be more useful.

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