Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 09-07-2010

  • 16:41:31: @YarnHarlot Weird name but a gorgeous orange! I can haz yarn?
  • 17:08:08: @ravenwoodradio What flavors of cake & frosting would you like to see at Ravenwood's birthday party?
  • 18:14:29: @Spiritcaller There's something to talk about-W101 said on Facebook they'll reveal the mystery quest celebrity tomorrow.
  • 18:20:02: Magma Colossus (mixed) just got Tenacious, max STR = 300! I'm really hoping for Fire-Giver at Epic (Already has Fire-Shot & PipoPlenty)
  • 18:25:34: More likely Taylor Swift than Miley I think, she seems more likely to play Wizards & she could name one after herself.
  • 18:28:04: @Megalus In Falmea's letter this month she talks about a special guest and "...we’re thrilled about her visit!" So yes, it's a girl.
  • 18:29:30: They originally said "hottest on the planet" so maybe they're European, to promote W101's launch overseas.

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