Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 09-09-2010

  • 10:33:41: @FoodNetwork Not a recipe but I love hot vanilla chai tea w/creamer & honey, especially on cool fall mornings.
  • 10:37:02: @MWildthorn I doze off while farming all the time, that's how I know it's time to give up and go to bed for the night.
  • 10:40:27: @Shadowthistle I knit because I don't have patience, I get bored without something in my hands.
  • 11:03:46: @YarnHarlot On yarn accidents, I dropped a ball of sock yarn as I got on the bus once, door closed on it & pulled out dragging yarn behind.
  • 11:07:56: Mixed for Wraith/Satyr and Stormzilla/Satyr hybrids last night, both failed. Hybrid count now 1 in 7 tries. Guess it was beginners' luck.
  • 11:21:10: @spiritshade101 Maybe because we started out as a British colony?
  • 11:44:00: @ScarletMoonflwr Sounds like a Traveller (Myth Treant)
  • 14:49:50: @BlanchardAuthor Selena quest etc is up on TEST realm only, not for-real yet.
  • 14:50:28: RT @Syfy: We just announced we're bringing back #Caprica season 1.5 early, starting Tuesday Oct. 5 at 10pm. WHOOHOO!
  • 14:54:19: @BlanchardAuthor I'm with you. Test realm's always too crowded, and it always feels like reading the back of the book first.
  • 14:58:59: I know, bad blogger, but I really couldn't care less about the Test realm today. I'd rather be home doing regular quests (instead of work).
  • 19:33:54: I might load Test Realm later tonight, after kids go to bed. Too crowded now.

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