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Star Songs

September 11th, 2010

From Twitter 09-10-2010 @ 03:20 am

  • 00:10:15: Finally got Wraith/Satyr hybrid, wanted Ghast (green undead wizard) but got leafless Treant instead. Hope it's not Life only!
  • 00:15:05: I know I should be grateful it's a hybrid at all, but *stomps foot* it's not the one I wanted! *pouts*
  • 11:19:59: #petnome idea: a short video clip showing how to navigate the site. Might help our younger players.
  • 11:20:34: @MythspentYouth The question is, what will he turn it into?
  • 14:07:44: @AlricRavenwiz Looks like they made the TR copies before last weekend's meetup.
  • 14:10:24: @ScarletMoonflwr My Myth alt's got a level to go, just dinged 49 last night as he was told to go find the Dean in the Labyrinth.
  • 14:11:41: Way too much stuff to get done at work today, nowhere near enough energy or time. Not enough caffeine in the world...
  • 14:16:45: @kevbattleblood Saturday it is then :)
  • 14:17:15: @kevbattleblood Or Sunday, either one works for me
  • 16:02:48: @NathanFillion When does Castle premiere again in the USA? I miss Rick!
  • 18:18:08: @HeatherRavenWiz 200 New #Petnome entries? Sounds like your collection gives @KevBattleblood's zoo a run for its money!
  • 22:28:10: I just set my background to 100 supporters of #diarykids you can too: http://twb.ly/bK07du
  • 22:36:36: @Twoheadedwiz Life Troll info would be great for #petnome, the more we know about *every* pet the better!
  • 22:38:19: @thegreatlukeski I'm a big Castle fan, haven't seen the rest of these. Fun to see Cptn Tightpants in a different role.
  • 22:45:31: @Twoheadedwiz If a dropped/bought pet isn't listed, we don't have enough entries yet to confirm what's in its talent/skill slots. #petnome
  • 22:48:48: A lot of folks collect dropped pets w/o training them, even a trained pet only gets 4 of 10 possible talents/skills, leaves a lot to learn
  • 23:30:09: Debating whether to head to bed yet or not, just realized I haven't eaten since lunch. Dinner got lost somewhere in the Spiral.

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Star Songs