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Star Songs

September 14th, 2010

From Twitter 09-13-2010 @ 03:21 am

  • 11:59:45: @FriendlyNecro Seraph AoE isn't the only TR bug, blades got nerfed big-time! http://bit.ly/bT32xW This'll kill my Myth wizard.
  • 17:28:21: Looks like I'll need to train my Cupig after all, he just got Spritely in TR. Woot!
  • 17:29:58: @BradPaisley Just saw Underwater over the weekend. Which single item lost in the Nashville floods do you miss most?
  • 18:40:02: @spiritshade101 I'm guessing the Fatesealer is a hybrid pet of some kind? Congrats in any case!
  • 21:06:55: Can we get some Stray Piggle love for the #Petnome? If evry1 train & report 1 in TR we'd have him mapped out
  • 23:20:05: TR Epic Colossus (pre-update pet) has +5% power pip, +8% ice resist, +100 mana. Not too shabby I guess.

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Star Songs