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Star Songs

September 16th, 2010

From Twitter 09-15-2010 @ 03:20 am

  • 11:48:14: #petnome only needs Derby Slot 4 to complete Clockwork Golem. I'll be training mine in TR, will you?
  • 13:41:09: TAMS (TR)
  • 14:44:03: @FNHumor With those arms they should have called him Robby Irvine, just add Brit accent. Time for Quest Impossible!
  • 16:53:44: Helephant / Oni lovers, join me & use TR bug/comment form to ask KI to make them bigger! They don't deserve to be smallest pets!
  • 16:54:56: @FriendlyNecro Beach ball mount? Sounds like it belongs in W101's Crab Alley!:)
  • 16:57:35: RT @woot: Need a break? The Woot Happy Hour starts in 5 minutes: http://woot.com/happyhour Tweet #woot to chat.
  • 17:50:25: Just noticed Jade Oni is Myth pet in Live/#Petnome, but Test says it's Balance to match its card, but still got Mythtrap Talent. ??
  • 17:54:46: If you spot other pets showing different schools in Test than on #Petnome please let us know so we can check them post-update.
  • 18:00:13: If Jade Oni does change, I wonder if ones "born" Balance will get different #petnome Talents from current Myth ones to keep in-school?
  • 20:11:43: Since TR's down, heading into Crystal Grove w/Myth alt Brian. Only 1/2 lvl to hit Grand, will he do it tonight?

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Star Songs