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Star Songs

September 21st, 2010

From Twitter 09-20-2010 @ 03:21 am

  • 11:10:13: @MissNarrator If you sleep on your side it can hold your knee at a weird angle all night and hurt in the morning. (Happens to me too.)
  • 11:23:18: You have to equip a pet to train it but not to hatch. So mixing 2 lvl48 pets w/wizard from 3rd school might work better? Interesting...
  • 11:25:03: So to try for Ice Hound, put both Orthrus & Colossus in shared bank & let a different wiz do the hatching?
  • 12:20:43: @icywiz I got a Myth Sprite up to Epic in TR and she didn't get a card at all, sorry.
  • 14:14:34: Life wiz tried for Ice Hound mix via shared bank, got another Ice-only Colossus. So much for that theory.
  • 20:36:01: Anyone up for Kraysis farming? My Myth alt (Brian Starsong) is in Scarecrow 1 if you want to join in.
  • 21:06:50: Krasys' lvl 50 Myth boots achieved!

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Star Songs