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Star Songs

September 22nd, 2010

From Twitter 09-21-2010 @ 03:21 am

  • 00:07:21: Selena goes live tomorrow = plenty for @ravenwoodradio & @spiritcaller to talk about Wed night!
  • 00:10:40: In non-Selena news, my Myth alt has unlocked Mali quest, making a full account at or beyond that point. (Fire's still in MS)
  • 11:21:09: @ZuneSupport Wipe & firmware restore on my Zune30 fixed the bug (randomly going into Lock mode) hasn't done it since. Thanks!!
  • 11:35:12: @wolfredfist Symmetrical Egg = Balance pet, 18 hr hatch time matches lvl 48 pets. Yep, looks like a Hydra.
  • 11:42:21: #petnome hint: When mixing 2 level 48 school pets, if the egg takes over 18 hrs to hatch - congrats, you've got a Hybrid!
  • 11:44:39: School-only pets hatch in 18 hrs, hybrids take 21 hours. #petnome
  • 12:30:57: Sounds like KI's treating the 1-card Celestian Sword as a bug they've fixed, that it was supposed to be 5 cards all along.
  • 12:32:36: Not saying they should or shouldn't have changed it, I can see arguments both ways. Never had it so I'm neutral.
  • 12:34:30: @Syfy Is Merlin coming back, and when?
  • 12:52:50: RT @Syfy: You can catch up to #Caprica in 4 min and 43 seconds with the brilliantly named recap "ReCaprica" - http://t.co/IMUcRiW
  • 13:30:32: @MWildthorn If Raven$ wand prices have quadrupled we'll be close to breaking even, I always got tons more wands than hats & robes.
  • 13:33:10: RT @spiritcaller: You saw it! Storm bats for all! Go vote now! https://www.wizard101.com/game/gdcoaward
  • 13:34:53: Remember to reply to your vote confirmation email or it won't count! https://www.wizard101.com/game/gdcoaward
  • 13:57:14: CONFIRMED: Jade Oni has changed schools from Myth to Balance as of today's update. #petnome
  • 15:58:47: @Dittowizard Is there an RSS link to subscribe to your videos as a vid-podcast? Wishing I could download to my Zune & watch on the go.
  • 19:08:21: @tdeathgem I don't see what's wrong with Glitch #2
  • 19:12:13: @tdeathgem Oh I see, reread her quest dialog and make sure you've got whatever items she wants in your backpack. (carried not equipped)
  • 19:13:08: @tdeathgem If it's still bugged try logging completely out of Wizard101, then run it again & log back in.
  • 19:19:18: @tdeathgem Ouch! I've done that before too. Here, have a cookie...
  • 22:33:04: RT @kevbattleblood: New Blog Post: Petnome Q&A (Minigames and Stats) http://bit.ly/aK18WP

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Star Songs