Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 09-22-2010

  • 11:38:26: We can go back to Crab Alley to swim & re-fight guards in the Cage room, but not Return to the King? Bummer...
  • 11:41:10: Bridesmaids are all lobsters w/tails, guys are tail-less crabs. Weird. Fish mobs are prob'ly my fav Defeated animation after MB cat thugs.
  • 11:45:00: @ravenwoodradio @spiritcaller Fire Study Hall is tonight, yes? My Pyro's in Mooshu & could use some pointers.
  • 16:21:20: @Beau_Hindman First! (grin) Just read your top-5 cash shop categories, nice job! Don't play any of those, but see how they apply to W101.
  • 17:25:33: Had to reboot machine mid-game, now W101's down for maintenance?
  • 17:29:04: Main #Wizard101 site & Central are also down. Uh-oh...

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