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Star Songs

October 5th, 2010

From Twitter 10-04-2010 @ 03:22 am

  • 10:46:26: @PaigeMoonShade We've got Clockwork Golems 95% mapped, still need Derby slot 4 to complete.
  • 10:52:41: @FNHumor After Aarti, wanna bet the Indian chef wins? They went Latin last year w/Garcez & already have Asian w/Morimoto.
  • 10:53:50: @lealaturkey Official release date for what?
  • 10:59:00: Ah, that explains my cluelessness, #Wizard101 is the only MMO I've ever played.
  • 11:04:50: My Fire alt dinged 40 on Thursday, hit 45 & entered DS last night. Only 5 more lvl to a Grand in every school!
  • 15:21:39: Yes, please!! RT @ BlanchardAuthor @Ravenwoodradio should do a Study Hall on PvP. #wizard101
  • 15:29:56: RT @Syfy: Season 1.5 of #Caprica debuts Oct 5, so I'm giving away #Caprica T-shirts to 3 people who retweet this note by 5pmPT 10/8.
  • 15:32:34: @nbcstore The music box seems a natural for @WhiteCollarUSA, or a jewelry/trinket box that looks like it.
  • 15:49:03: @SyFy Have you heard from @SergeGreystone recently? I miss the little guy! He must be worried about Amanda & Zoe by now.
  • 16:17:27: @ravenwoodradio Might even get someone (or a few) to do regular segments w/PVP tips - by school, 1v1, teams, newbies to GMs.
  • 17:43:27: @kevbattleblood Talents/skills are set when pet is created, so new Jade Onis "born" Balance may have different #petnome than Myth-born, yes?
  • 17:48:31: Hatched Magma Colossus is my first real (non-TR) Epic! +5% power pip, +5% fire accuracy, +10% fire resist, 2xPierce thx to @kevbattleblood
  • 17:50:19: @FallonDeathWiz All-Grand and then some! WTG!
  • 17:52:09: @kevbattleblood Balance Jade Onis> LOL! I forgot they were buyable, sure beats farming for them.
  • 22:15:15: @paulandstorm Pickles - dill or sweet?

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Star Songs