Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 10-07-2010

  • 12:11:57: RT @Syfy: Reminder I'm giving away a #Caprica T-shirt to 3 people who retweet this note by 5pmPT 10/8.
  • 12:15:19: Does anyone know if "may cast" pet talents (besides Spritely) are working? Fire Serpent has FireTrap but hasn't used it. #petnome #twizards
  • 13:29:40: Employee appreciation picnic on the patio was nice, but should have taken my shawl. Patio's all shade that time of day.
  • 17:05:33: @ravenwoodradio Sweet! Maybe they could hook you up with some for contest prizes? *wish*
  • 17:11:31: Pyromancers: tips for getting thru all the Fire mobs/towers in DS Plaza of Conquests? (lvl 46 so no Dragon yet)
  • 17:19:54: @ravenwoodradio I'm just hoping for a new mount or two we can get for gold. I've had it with Crowns-Only!

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