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Star Songs

October 9th, 2010

From Twitter 10-08-2010 @ 03:16 am

  • 10:52:21: @dittowizard New game> Plants vs Zombies? (I think of it as Theurge vs Necromancer)
  • 10:54:12: @LJonte Baxter> Shouldn't he be hiding in a rooftop safe house somewhere?
  • 10:55:56: @kevbattleblood Morning! I like the new icon & blog header, very Celestia!
  • 10:59:39: My Generic Ideal Pet would have Pip oPlenty, Spell Defying, Spell Proof & Spritely. Question is how to get there?
  • 11:01:46: @kevbattleblood Not backwards, you've just moved a lot further South - below the Equator it's early Spring.
  • 11:04:26: @kevbattleblood Once they fix FireTrap I'll likely cross my Magma Colossus back w/his Fire Serpent parent a time or two.
  • 12:54:44: @TarotByArwen I agree with you ("the couple makes a"), but I don't have an English degree so I can't say for sure.
  • 12:57:11: @Beau_Hindman Turn-based combat is one of the best parts of #Wizard101, so much more relaxed w/o button mashing.
  • 13:50:16: @BlanchardAuthor On the website, click your username at top right (in the black bar) and "sign out" is on the dropdown menu.
  • 15:42:58: Wish I could add a #petnome link to my sig on Central, *so* much pet misinformation! *shakes head sadly*
  • 19:22:03: @icywiz No egg preview> Remember that school-only pets hatch in 18 hours, hybrids take 21. #petnome
  • 21:28:24: Another "while you're waiting for CL to load" idea - go train a pet!

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Star Songs