Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 10-11-2010

  • 01:01:28: @thestormedyouth Lucky! All I've gotten from the Hard tower is 3 Gurtok daggers I already have (2 life & 1 balance).
  • 01:23:36: Hard tower = royal pain in the tuchas for Fire/Ice wizards. (Dang shields.) No-Auction drops sell cheap too. :( Is it worth farming?
  • 01:34:03: @kevbattleblood Suggestions for Storm deck then, that doesn't fall apart when newbies tag along? (That gave me trouble.)
  • 01:36:34: @kevbattleblood Not that I blame youngsters for hopping in with GM's, I would have too at their level. :) Just need to allow for it.
  • 12:22:41: Am I the only #twizard who wants a Forest Lord plushie? Seriously, figurines of all the spells would be AWESOME on my desk at work!
  • 15:37:40: RT @Wizard101: Interested in new Wizard101 level 58 spells? Check out this video:
  • 15:41:12: @mackenzie_fairy Halloween hat robe & shoes IS the witch outfit when a girl wears it, turns into skeleton suit if it's on a boy.
  • 15:45:06: A lot of gear has different boys vs girls versions (Party Hat changes blue or pink), Halloween Outfit is just a bigger change.
  • 15:53:11: @MythspentYouth Didn't you ask for a Medusa clear back in the Myth study hall? Nailed it!
  • 15:59:51: @AlricRavenwiz Spell-Defying was ultra-rare when it was released so it still shows up that way, even tho u can only get now from hatching.
  • 16:19:13: @MythspentYouth I'm on Blogger
  • 16:22:49: @MythspentYouth Blogger's help directions re YouTube vids
  • 16:26:03: @mackenzie_fairy Yes, that's it exactly. The "hat" is a mask including witch face & hair, dress (robe) & boots finish witch outfit.
  • 16:28:20: @mackenzie_fairy Spritely triggers more frequently in general (it seems) the better stats & age the pet has, still not 100% though.
  • 18:00:57: Has anybody checked the teachers in Test to see if there's new generally learnable spells, say lvl 52 - 53?

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