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Star Songs

October 13th, 2010

From Twitter 10-12-2010 @ 03:19 am

  • 10:22:55: @Mistheart Oh my, what a big spell for such a tiny little fish dude!
  • 10:24:31: @AlricRavenwiz Snow Angel AOE> Sweet! About time we got a Dragon of our own! :)
  • 10:27:44: @stevehamner Tips for fixing wet iPods> http://ipod.about.com/od/generalmaintenance/a/wet-ipod.htm
  • 10:45:39: Is there a way to Preview the Gamestop house & mount to see if it's worth the $$? Or did the kitty realtor get lost in there?
  • 11:10:54: @JessicaFire @RogueSorcerer Only time I've ever bought Crowns was $5 worth to unlock 1st couple of streets b4 deciding to subscribe.
  • 11:32:32: @kevbattleblood I was wondering where that Fierce Hound came from. Also, Swiss Army Knife wand = cool idea!
  • 13:47:31: @mackenzie_fairy I've only ported to the CL commons, just to see if I could w/out unlocking it first. Mob threw back-to-back Storm Lords.
  • 13:49:34: @mackenzie_fairy Must've been next to Commons, Commons itself wouldn't have duel circles. I hope.
  • 14:43:37: @CassDragonHeart Spirit schools get a boost vs Elementals & vice-versa? (Haven't seen it, just a theory.)
  • 17:14:09: From duels in the courtyard to secret hallways, the new Fantasy Castle proves @Wizard101 listens to its fans! Thx @Diaryofawizard 4 the tour
  • 17:42:43: @tdeathgem Castle PVP> Duel circle works, I saw part of a fight in progress at @Diaryofawizard's house.
  • 17:44:23: @tdeathgem I walked into it empty, it started 15sec timer for an opponent to walk in & join me. (But no one did.)

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Star Songs