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Star Songs

October 18th, 2010

From Twitter 10-17-2010 @ 03:20 am

  • 14:02:55: @kevbattleblood Frostcaller/Defender Pig cross got Pip o'Plenty at Teen and Sprited at Adult, neither parent had Spirited showing. Wha?
  • 14:07:18: @MWildthorn Defender Pig was Epic, Frostcaller went to Epic on Test so all 4 slots were known. No Spirited.
  • 14:08:17: @MWildthorn Wait, right - gets 5 from each parent, not 4, so small chance of hidden ones coming through. D'oh!
  • 21:19:11: @FNHumor Next Iron Chef is on but I'm not exactly watching, more like background noise.

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Star Songs