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WTF I got nothin' to lose!

After 11 years in the same job at the same hotel, I finally turned in an official transfer request this morning - for Assistant Director of Finance, the secondary manager of the accounting department.

As it's currently structured, most of the responsibilities are Accounts Receivable. I know I can learn the paperwork, it's the bill collections I've been afraid of - calling corporate clients to ask why they haven't paid us yet, and when we can expect to get it. We had a mass early checkout this morning so I spent a couple of hours helping out the front desk, including one couple with a big bill who's card was declined. Tried a few alternatives, finally got them to put it on the wife's card and settle between themselves later.

Anyway, the ruckus this morning finally convinced me that yes, I CAN handle it! They said it'd probably be a couple of weeks before they make any decisions, and they're considering restructuring the division of job duties in the department first - but I've got my foot in the door.
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