Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 10-22-2010

  • 00:29:40: @kevbattleblood #petnome segment> I like Cotton Eye Joe better, but lyrics might be too distracting.
  • 11:31:35: @HeatherRavenWiz Where are you getting all these cats? I have yet to snag a pet from Halloween farming.
  • 11:36:30: @kevbattleblood Haven't dreamed about you yet, just a lot of half-asleep farming runs. (Darn time zones!)
  • 11:37:29: RT @thegizwiz: Betty White's so hot right now she has a 2011 Calendar avail on Amazon & her royalities go to an animal shelter http://ti ...
  • 12:29:16: @kevbattleblood Maybe they're tweaking Wild Bolt again? Or resetting our Crowns (we can only hope)
  • 12:51:18: @wolfredfist CL going live will most likely bring an extended overnight maintenance to the Live game, 3 or 4 hours downtime at least.
  • 13:26:15: @chefanneburrell I like cherry Cokes, neighborhood ice cream shop from childhood made them with sno-cone syrup.
  • 14:58:31: Don't get distracted cashing in loot at the Bazaar. My Myth wiz literally just sold the robe off his back! QQ
  • 15:02:18: @wilw Think of him as TV!Wil, kinda like Caprica!Six in Baltar's head on Battlestar Galactica.
  • 15:03:54: @PaigeMoonShade Unfortunately Live, but at least it wasn't a Grand robe. (Those are safely No Auction.)
  • 15:48:48: @thegizwiz "remote control" - You said they were the 1st Men, after all...
  • 16:00:06: Liking my Storm Cat so far, got Storm-Proof at Teen & Storm-Shot at Adult. On the flip side, another Ice Hound mix attempt failed.
  • 16:56:33: @HeatherRavenWiz Seems to be a lot of Friday-itis going around.
  • 17:47:40: Just when I thought I was over Facebook, @dittowizard gets me hooked on Braaains!! (link's on his blog)

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