Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 10-26-2010

  • 10:52:34: I must be getting burnt out after 18+ months playing W101, I really don't care about Celestia coming this week.
  • 10:55:05: I'd rather work on getting better pets, and getting my Fire wiz the last 4 levels to Grandmaster. (That'd be 1 in each school.)
  • 10:57:51: I only hit TR a couple of times, to age up some pets to see which ones to train for real. Also haven't blogged for 6 weeks, no motivation.
  • 11:00:34: @ScarletMoonflwr Critical hit gives you a chance of doing double damage, Block is like a shield against Criticals.
  • 11:12:07: Every blogger gets burnt out sooner or later, at least for a while, right? What do I have to add that every other blog hasn't said already?
  • 11:40:26: @mackenzie_fairy Estimate on the premium card is November 1st, keep checking w/ your local Gamestop to see if it's in stock.
  • 12:24:17: If more CL mounts & pets were available for gold I'd be a lot more interested in them. I'll spend time (farming) but not cash (Crowns).
  • 13:50:27: @ChristoSky .tk is a country-based domain code, like .ca or .uk -
  • 17:00:59: @ChristoSky Bad storms through most of this part of the country tonight, here in the Bluegrass too.
  • 17:05:50: My Storm wiz, Danielle Starsong, will be farming Mordecai the next 30-40 minutes in Kelvin area1.
  • 17:58:52: Not sure which Amber I just met in-game, but had a blast!

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