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From Twitter 10-27-2010

  • 00:04:37: Raced the clock 4 last-second hatch, servers dropped just as hatchery timer got down to zero. SOOO close!
  • 00:08:57: No-time try was 2nd one after 10-minute warning, 1st hatch got Sandman-type hybrid but I was going for Ice Hound.
  • 00:27:53: @FNHumor Paula Deen on Tonight Show, turning a sandwich roll into string of innuendos. Jay asked her "Are you good at making head?"
  • 00:29:25: Sandwich looks like a snake for Halloween, put olive eyes & pimento tongue on its head & painted on stripes.
  • 01:01:27: @kevseacucumber #hiiiikeeevvvinnnn Heading to bed now though, have to get up for work in 6 hours.
  • 10:44:43: Not surprising Equipment data seems to get stuck, adding crit/block and changing from % bonus to point system on EVERY ITEM takes awhile.
  • 10:46:10: @spiritcaller Me too, though hubby may start my laptop loading this afternoon. (Hope I'm not logged in from work then!)
  • 10:58:08: @Deathshard You can't right now, last post from Twitter @Support says that they've temporarily disabled image uploads to fix something.
  • 11:12:29: From the final #W101 Update notes: "Wild Bolt will now have 70% accuracy and do 10, 100, or 1000 damage."
  • 11:19:01: @kevseacucumber You'd think they would have learned more from the initial server loads when the pet updates went live...
  • 11:49:26: @Anime_Johnist Think of it as a massive traffic jam, like the Superbowl with everyone trying to get into the stadium at the same time.
  • 12:49:30: @scarznstripez Several Crowns pets already drop from bosses, hopefully Centra'ls pet hunters will find them in CL soon.
  • 12:54:27: Speaking of Central, they've already added school-only forums for the Astrals & a Celestia world forum, and Wikia is moving to Central.
  • 13:11:46: @scarznstripez Could you please explain "ranked down" for a PVP novice?
  • 13:20:33: Why would anyone *want* to lose PVP rank? I thought the whole point was to go up, not down.
  • 13:28:30: PVP Ticket farming... Aha! Now it makes sense. Not that I agree with it, but now I see the point.
  • 13:29:34: @ravenwoodradio Sun boosts can only be added to learned spells, not ones from items or treasure cards.
  • 13:31:31: @scarznstripez Patch notes said the #petnome display changed, all slots are one dot lower than before. (I think)
  • 13:35:30: That figures! I finally get loaded & in-game at work, booted a minute later b/c "helpful" hubby logged me in to update my laptop at home.
  • 13:37:20: @ravenwoodradio Have you got enough pips to cast the boosted spell? May not let you Star one unless you can cast it same round.
  • 13:39:37: He does get the A for effort, just my bad luck. I take it as a sign from the Universe to quit playing around and get back to work already.
  • 14:10:32: @Gazerwolf No problem Sweetie, I really shouldn't have been on in the first place. (*hangs head*) Yes, I'm addicted to a "kids" game.
  • 14:16:14: Wonder how soon they'll add Celestia music to the ringtones page? (Pet Pavilion too)
  • 15:23:51: @scarznstripez Base pedigree for Magma Colossus is 61 or 62, so 72's reasonable after enough generations. Sea Dragon starts at 72.
  • 15:44:38: @MWildthorn Pet info bug> So they dropped the dots showing on skeletons by one, but didn't update dots on all the manifested graphics? D'oh!
  • 15:49:44: @kevseacucumber Polluted> Multi-gen Storm pet may be "polluted" w/hidden non-Storm talents from its ancestors.
  • 15:51:11: @MWildthorn Maybe I misunderstood the "pet talent display issues" section in the patch notes.
  • 16:22:13: @mackenzie_fairy I've been working toward a combo of Pip oPlenty & Spritely in as many pets as I can get.
  • 16:26:54: @Gazerwolf It might still be loading new housing object data, editing is greyed out until that's done.
  • 16:32:54: @MWildthorn @kevseacucumber They just approved my response to Mr. Polluted -
  • 16:55:23: @Gazerwolf Death news> Sun school's damage boosters won't work on Death's health-steals, only straight damage (fist symbol) cards. Sorry.
  • 17:26:52: Weird, suddenly got dizzy for a few seconds there. Good thing I'm already sitting down.
  • 17:28:06: @CHawkwalker You can't use Astral to modify cards from items/pets/gear, only on learned spells.
  • 17:32:47: OK, liking the solo hatch sigils, look like minigame rings. (another Ice Hound fail) They deactivated right after hatching. Neat!
  • 17:35:18: 18 hour hatch time on egg = hybrid fail, hybrids hatch in 21 hours.
  • 17:37:05: Just noticed I can put snacks & reagents in Shared Bank, but not in wizard's Personal Bank. Interesting.

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