Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 10-28-2010

  • 01:23:40: RT @ATA_Tarot: Finished up ATA board mtg. Big news coming. New logo in the works. Store opening soon. Whoo hoo! Do you have a #tarot men ...
  • 10:58:05: @stevehamner Sadly #Caprica got off to way too slow a start this season, when it needed big ratings the most. I was bored until this week.
  • 11:02:47: Finished (I think) with Survey Camp last night & started the Grotto. Edith is my new fav NPC, at least she's not lazy!
  • 11:05:20: I wonder if Edith is Abigail Doolittle's kid sister? After helping her, checked back a few quests later and she had another job for me.
  • 11:17:48: @grantimahara Robo-dog> Licking complete, commencing two-hour yipping session. Bark! Bark! Bark! (forget which Futurama that's from)
  • 11:26:59: @dittowizard Braaains!> Thanks for the heads-up, now I'm kinda glad I forgot about it after the first day. (distracted by Celestia)
  • 11:34:24: As thanks for 101,000 Likes on Facebook, we get Gobbler tranformations for Halloween!
  • 14:35:27: Better to share all crafted snax & use them to train 1 pet at a time, or split between several wizards' pets & combine w/lower lvl snax?
  • 14:38:56: 6 GMs all crafting cereals, maybe 3 or 4 pets I'm interested in training, not sure how to prioritize.
  • 15:04:18: @mightymur I'd rather have you host EP for purely selfish reasons - some hearing loss in lower ranges, female voices easier to understand.
  • 16:11:37: Finally, those of us w/o iphones can win free #Wizard101 codes too!
  • 16:54:46: RT @tommune: KingsIsle Free Games web site is up and running. Come and have some fun!
  • 17:10:23: @MWildthorn Doodle Dug played pretty well too, and I liked that I could play as either a girl or a boy.
  • 17:14:56: @MWildthorn I don't have any i-Gadgets, Wizblox section on KIFreeGames site lists all the stuff it works with.
  • 17:25:50: @tommune On behalf of the iPod-less #W101 players (and us parent players stuck at work) Thank you for!
  • 17:29:22: @MEGALUS master artisan robes> Look for your school's robe here

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