Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 10-29-2010

  • 09:43:21: @AlricRavenwiz If you die & get healed back in the same round, you keep your pips so not too surprised you kept your spell too.
  • 09:47:09: Does shared bank hold 999 of each reagent (like backpacks) or only 999 total? I got "shared bank full" while pooling resources, is it a bug?
  • 10:02:19: Good question! RT @TheStevenWeber: I wonder how many trees get chopped down to make "The Lorax"?
  • 17:08:20: Anyone else having problems logging in? I keep getting "invalid username or password" as the W101 logo comes up.
  • 17:11:00: If I'd mistyped, normally it wouldn't finish loading and bring up a Play button, but it booted me AFTER I hit Play, at the logo screen.
  • 17:14:12: @Wizard101 Could over-loaded servers cause "invalid name or password" errors at the logo screen, after game loads & I push Play?
  • 17:15:03: @Wizard101 Happened right at 5pm Eastern, about 15 minutes ago.
  • 17:49:52: Missed Halloween party at work today (too busy to go) but boss snagged me a big piece of choc cake! Nom nom nom
  • 18:17:29: For the CL wands w/+Crit - is that crit bonus only for wand strikes, or for all your spells (like other gear bonuses)?
  • 19:58:49: Found out prev bad login "bug"- hubby was on same acct, got booted when I logged in & he logged in again before I finished loading.
  • 20:01:16: My fire alt's in his classroom, since mine was full & he still had room. Thought he'd be offline but CL has him playing again.
  • 23:25:56: Realized I'm dozing off vs Grotto street mobs = time to give up for the night.
  • 23:26:56: @kevseacucumber I got 2 regular Pearls and a Golden Pearl from him a little bit ago.

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