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Star Songs

November 3rd, 2010

From Twitter 11-02-2010 @ 03:16 am

  • 10:41:16: Must be out of practice, I'm having a really hard time as a solo Ice wizard vs Piscean Soldiers (Ice, around 2400 health each). Ideas?
  • 11:06:45: I'm ok solo vs 2 ice sharks (I think) but b4 I'm done someone always joins & suddenly I get hammered by 4 of them w/o time to heal 1st.
  • 14:00:51: RT @XmasStocking: The Christmas Stocking podcast returns late this month. Listen to the promo now at http://MyChristmasStocking.net and ...
  • 15:04:03: @mackenzie_fairy AoE = Area of Effect (hits all targets in the area), DoT = Damage over Time (like Fire Elf)
  • 15:08:37: @Beau_Hindman Firefox fonts> Tools - Options - Content - Fonts & Colors (about halfway down)
  • 21:47:57: @kevbattleblood Maybe they'll fix the +damage Sun/Star spells to work with Death health-drains. (fingers crossed)
  • 21:51:06: @jaketapper Rand Paul?? Sometimes I hate my state, I would have preferred a third choice.

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Star Songs