Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 11-05-2010

  • 11:45:35: @Mistheart ITS = in/into the Spiral, as opposed to IRL = in real life
  • 11:48:37: RT @XmasStocking: The Christmas Stocking returns Thanksgiving. Find past episodes and a new promo now at ...
  • 11:53:26: Frostcaller is 117xp away from Epic, so another 12 games (2 energy refills) or sooner if I can snag megasnacks from Bazaar. C'mon Spritely!
  • 12:02:27: 2G Frostcaller had Cupig parent w/Spritely, crossed w/Cupig again for 3G. So far has PipoPlenty, Mana Gift & Spirited (+50POW).
  • 12:12:27: @KevBattleBlood Or was my Cupig Frostcaller mixed w/your double-resist Defender Pig? I forget. I know my 2nd Magma Colossus is part Pig.
  • 14:20:31: Still can't take the sky from me thanks to @DarkHorseComics! #FF
  • 14:30:11: @ScarletMoonflwr Those Ice Sharks made Kensington's gearheads look easy! (Over 2K health + Tower Shields + Ice resist = dead Thaumaturge)
  • 14:36:32: @Shadowthistle Congrats, and good luck on her spell quest
  • 14:49:41: @Shadowthistle Sorry I don't remember, they all kinda blur together after awhile. My hardest spell quest was for Ice Minion back in MB.
  • 16:28:51: @KevBattleblood Deathtrap Talent says Skeletal Warrior has it, but Warrior's #petnome is a blank skeleton?
  • 16:33:56: @Mistheart @MEGALUS 300-500 mana includes bonuses from full GM gear, 120 is much closer to "base" without any gear bonuses.
  • 16:36:34: @thegreatlukeski> Looks like it's down, I get a server not found error.
  • 18:02:06: Taking our little wizards out for dinner, I'll be ITS later (unless they wear me out & I fall asleep soon as I get home!)

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