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Star Songs

November 9th, 2010

From Twitter 11-08-2010 @ 03:16 am

  • 11:57:03: @ZuneSupport How can I get a replacement battery for my beloved Zune 30? It won't charge by USB enough to sync (various cables/ports) (cont)
  • 11:58:53: @ZuneSupport (cont) I can charge via wall adapter, but full = less than 2 hours' audio. Can't afford new Zune HD, need 30 or bigger.
  • 16:13:13: Ice Wizards> Is your minion's Ice Cat spell bugged? Mine appears then vanishes before pouncing, no damage.
  • 16:50:57: @FriendlyNecro Bailey's looking for a pet to cast fire traps & blades for her, from the looks of that list.
  • 18:44:32: What crafter level do you need to make Tea Set? Wondering if I'll need to raise crafting on all my alts, Sierra's my only Master Artisan.
  • 18:55:17: @LukeGoldHorn Adept for Tea Set> Most of them are at least that far along (working on their school robes) thanks!
  • 18:56:50: @Berman14 No Superhero shirts> So no police, firerfighters or soldiers? Boo!
  • 22:09:50: No luck getting Fire Serpent to cast its FireTrap, I'm giving up on him for the night.
  • 22:25:35: @ZuneSupport Zune30 charges OK from AC power adapter & will sync once charged, but won't charge by hi-power USB enough to start sync.
  • 22:40:54: @ZuneSupport Basically, looks like I have to charge it via AC every time before I can sync. Not ideal by far, but at least it works.
  • 23:06:34: @FallonDeathWiz Beastmaster gear is +6 max energy per piece, +18 total.

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Star Songs