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Star Songs

November 10th, 2010

From Twitter 11-09-2010 @ 03:15 am

  • 11:08:33: @RogueSorcerer Stephen's wraith is Jill (the 'scary' name his daughter picked), so Leesha's wraith got named Jack.
  • 12:56:43: @mackenzie_fairy Check back with people you've gotten quests from before, they may have new quests after you level up.
  • 13:02:35: @FNHumor I wish FN would knock it off with the cranberry recipes already. Are their tweets sponsored by Ocean Spray?
  • 13:15:52: @ZuneSupport Already did, you sent me that link yesterday. Zune30 will sync if charged via AC 1st, but won't charge by USB on hi-power port.
  • 13:17:43: @ZuneSupport Left on USB overnight, reconnected & got battery charging icon again.
  • 13:22:24: @ZuneSupport Both Zune30 and Marketplace (under Vista) are updated to most recent versions.
  • 16:23:22: @PaigeMoonShade 20+ hours definitely sounds like a hybrid, either Inferno Hound or War Oni. 14 hrs seems short, school pets are normally 18.
  • 16:30:33: @ZuneSupport Yes, charges by wall fine & syncs OK after charging; but if it's drained can't charge by USB enough to boot up & sync.
  • 16:36:29: @ZuneSupport Confirmed all USB ports are high-power, same results with several cables & ports. Full charge is 2 hrs audio play (was 7+ new)
  • 16:40:19: @PaigeMoonShade Inferno Hound has Orthrus card so should be Myth egg; War Oni has Helephant card so should be Fire egg.
  • 16:41:54: @ZuneSupport It's a brown Zune 30 (1st generation)
  • 16:48:49: @ZuneSupport I'm at work now, I'll let it drain & try charging on my husband's laptop this evening.
  • 17:03:27: Won a Health Elixir from KIFreeGames.com last night. What does it do?
  • 17:55:52: Health elixir effects, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
  • 18:15:43: @LydiaGreyrose I'm up to lvl 56 (ice), gathering pieces for an amulet. I like the Treant Polymorph, but gotta remember to shield up 1st.
  • 18:26:58: @PaigeMoonShade I'd guess then the first to hatch is another Orthrus, and the hybrid's an Inferno Hound.

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Star Songs