Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 11-10-2010

  • 01:17:30: @LydiaGreyrose How can I get to Grandmaster Artisan if Archivist isn't selling Treant Polymorph treasures any more?
  • 01:28:55: @ZuneSupport Fully drained Zune30, plugged into desktop USB shows 75% chg after 45 mins. No software on desktop so can't sync there.
  • 01:45:23: @Anime_Johnist I forgot about the Floating Lands trainers, thanks! Have to check tomorrow, now is time for bed.
  • 01:46:17: Speaking of recipes, is there one for Transmute Stone Block, and if so, where?
  • 11:49:37: @Anime_Johnist I've got the sandstone/sunstone recipes, but nowhere near enough stone blocks. I'd rather buy/transmute than gather enough.
  • 12:36:57: junk mail. RT @thegizwiz Match Game time: Dumb Dora was so dumb (HDWS?) - to save money she stuffed the turkey with _____________.
  • 13:52:09: @ZuneSupport Considerably faster. Left Zune30 hooked to my regular laptop 6+hrs and still got dead/charging battery icon on reconnect.
  • 14:04:54: I hope Harvest Hannah brings a Turkey pet. What school would a Turkey be?
  • 14:22:48: @ZuneSupport Laptop is always plugged in, highest power setting for best graphics performance. I can check closer after work.
  • 14:25:45: @DavidBlue May be too late, next-episode teaser after last night's #SGU on @SyFy sounded like one big spoiler to me.
  • 14:45:23: @ZuneSupport Any particular power tests I should run on my PC, or what I should look for?
  • 15:04:59: @TarotByArwen #seekjoy> Wish I could, not sure I'd know joy if it hit me over the head. Been so long I've forgotten what it feels like.
  • 17:01:42: @ZuneSupport It worked fine for several years, problems started a week ago. Now I have a workaround & know my Zune battery's ok, so thanks!
  • 17:11:51: @ZuneSupport Laptop's just old, Compaq bought when Vista was new. Zune30's been my daily companion for almost 3 years, I'd be lost w/o it.
  • 18:51:45: Confirmed: Vendor on dock in Water-Mole village has Moon treasure recipes, including Treant Polymorph for GM Artisan quest.
  • 18:54:52: Is it just me, or is lag totally ridiculous ITS? In Perfect realm is nearly unplayable, reloading EVERY mob & NPC thx to today's patch.
  • 21:56:18: @Titanrider101 Putting the kids to bed. Oh wait, you mean in-game - just starting Stormriven Hall.

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