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Star Songs

November 12th, 2010

From Twitter 11-11-2010 @ 03:16 am

  • 01:57:12: Lvl 57 ^ still can't find any CL gear worth replacing my GM Ice robe & Wolverine's Helm. New boots ring & dagger though.
  • 11:47:44: Thank you, Granddad, for repairing the jeeps at Wright-Patterson AFB that our boys needed "over there" during WWII. #veteransday
  • 12:37:59: @RogueSorcerer @HelpfulWizard Last night you could buy a Commemorative Statue for 40,000 gold & sell one for 10,000, with 100 in stock.
  • 15:03:21: @JThundersword Worst game ever> Raiders of the Lost Ark for Atari 2600. Never could figure out how to play the darn thing.
  • 15:07:40: Legendary #twizards bloggers idea: then-and-now comparisons of Malistaire, Briskbreeze, Warehouse & Kensington.
  • 15:45:40: @Twoheadedwiz CommStatues don't drop, but some folks sell theirs to Bazaar, so Kev's gold farming to buy them (40,000 each last I looked)
  • 15:47:42: @kevbattleblood I wouldn't mind a second statue, a pair of sentinels to guard the gates of my Watchtower Hall.
  • 15:49:28: @Anime_Johnist Crits will help a lot too I'd think, and Treant polymorphs for us non-Life types.

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Star Songs