Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 11-15-2010

  • 12:19:16: @MythspentYouth Hybrids take 21 hours total to hatch, school-only pets hatch in 18 hours. How long was your chimerical egg?
  • 12:31:57: Busy weekend! Got Snow Angel Friday evening, then Legendary last night.
  • 12:33:48: Ice Pirates resist Ice, but Death boosts on them instead of Fire. Noticed same thing with some Ice bosses too. Are others changed like that?
  • 12:39:54: @MEGALUS Not by my math it wasn't, but I could be mistaken. Death wand did more to them than fire w/same base damage.
  • 12:42:53: @MEGALUS Hadn't really noticed new gear resist scheme, my Ice stuff has universal resists like always. (only new boots so far)
  • 12:45:27: @MEGALUS I've seen a few multi-resists in the Bazaar, tend to be grouped either elementals or spirit schools. Didn't look too close though.
  • 13:41:36: Working on Grandmaster Artisan. Best hunting spots for stone blocks, anyone? Krok Pyramid is usually farmed out.
  • 13:43:53: Ideally need enough for 2 amulets, 1 for quest & 1 to keep/use. Or do we get to keep this one? (fingers crossed)
  • 13:46:12: I'd probably have better luck in off-peak hours, but that's about the only timeframe I have to play. Darn job...
  • 13:47:08: @CassDragonHeart @MEGALUS It's 15 sandstone per sunstone, so 150 stone blocks per sunstone.
  • 13:48:59: @CassDragonHeart @MEGALUS Also takes 5 Polymorph Treant treasures, which now are dropped/Bazaar or crafted only, so need parts for them too.
  • 13:50:28: @MEGALUS 9 or 10 sunstones (I forget which), plus 10 sandstones, plus gold pearls (rare of gold pearls) which are also tricky to find.
  • 13:51:23: The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking maybe a blog post to break it all down. When I get time. (Yeah, right!)
  • 15:15:09: @MEGALUS Amulet for GM Artisan quest gives 2 cards, one each of Satyr & Regenerate.
  • 15:24:59: @MEGALUS Yes and no. W/Treant you're stuck in that form for 6 rnds, and it has no real offense or 0-pip shields.
  • 15:28:59: @MEGALUS Snow Angel's Taunt component makes me a big target so defense is a must. Treant gets me killed more often than not.
  • 17:48:47: @icywiz That got me enough for 2 sunstones and 9 sandstones, a decent start at least. Sold a lot of mine, thought I'd never need 'em.
  • 18:18:38: After what I've seen of CL so far, suddenly a solo Kensington run doesn't sound so bad.

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