Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 11-22-2010

  • 15:19:43: @lealaturkey I had a much-loved flannel nightshirt once, wore it for years until it finally fell apart too much to fix any more.
  • 17:26:23: What's the point of W101 gardening? Unless I can grow Sandstone or Stone Blocks, not interested.
  • 17:31:28: Test Realm is #petnome Training Time!! Sneak Peek your pets' future Talents. Hope my newest hatches got copied over to TR.
  • 17:42:00: @Twoheadedwiz direct download link for subscribers
  • 18:37:03: @JessTheTheurge You'll have either a Satyr or a Burnzilla. Hybrids come from crossing 2 school-only (lvl 48) pets.
  • 18:41:25: If Gardening uses pet energy, forget it - at least until I get a set of good pets for all my wizards.
  • 18:42:37: I've tried Farmville, Molehill Empire & those type of games before & lost interest quickly.
  • 18:44:22: @lealaturkey Yep, TR is up (even though login screen says it's down). Go see Professor Wu.
  • 18:46:49: @PaigeMoonShade I'm the other way around, hatching & training pets for gear bonuses. I ignore Derby, but good Talents come in handy.
  • 18:48:24: @SorceressMiklai Absolutely! If I can garden w/o sacrificing pet training, I'd be a lot more willing to try it out.

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