Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 11-23-2010

  • 00:46:52: 3 solo fights vs fish-bots in CL (Test), got 6 Sandstone as drops. That's one per bot!
  • 01:59:35: @kevbattleblood Defender Pig just got Spritely at Ancient, w/ Courageous and Spell-Defying. Fingers still crossed for PipOPlenty/SpellProof.
  • 11:25:10: @PaigeMoonShade I plowed up a sprout by mistake last night, I'm used to right-clicking to let go of furniture and it activated
  • 11:26:45: @FriendlyNecro Astral treasures> That figures, right after I finally crafted the 5 Treant Polymorphs I need for GM artisan...
  • 11:28:25: @icywiz Plants vs Zombies style> Decorate your #W101 gardens with skulls & Oyotomi's rib cages
  • 11:56:08: @PaigeMoonShade Interact just means to walk up to it and hit X. Mine are all Young Plants still, can't harvest until Mature.
  • 11:57:08: @PaigeMoonShade Young & Mature plants look alike, I'm guessing no Interact option means not Mature yet.
  • 12:01:07: @PaigeMoonShade Correction, Young and Mature plants look alike, but Young is smaller.
  • 12:40:54: @CassDragonHeart You're not alone, I have to work Friday as well.
  • 16:21:11: @Syfy Please tell me you're going to be giving away some of these anti-humbug lights! I could really use a dose of holiday cheer.
  • 16:22:56: @PaigeMoonShade I got both Sandstone & plant drops from Science Center fish-bots last night (in Test)
  • 16:25:56: RT @sesamestreet: Cookie Monster needs your help -- he wants to host Saturday Night Live! Watch the video and hit LIKE here: http://bit ...
  • 16:32:59: @ToasterBoy Counting down to the official hand-over from the Advent Calendar Committee?
  • 16:50:21: Rank 1 Crowns seeds dropped by fish-bot mobs in CL Science Center (Test Realm)
  • 16:54:09: @PaigeMoonShade Confirmed: fishbots dropped Rank 1+ Crowns seeds
  • 18:53:22: @wizard970724 For now it's mostly pets, though I may split my "team" of wizards & have some do Pets and others Gardens.
  • 18:59:11: @LukeGoldHorn @XStormySkiesZ Both Brute Piggle & Sea Dragon 72 have Pain-Giver as a possible base Talent. #petnome
  • 19:01:44: @spiritshade101 Plant info> We should bug report that, it puts the gardening "spells" in your active deck when you first learn them.

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