Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 11-30-2010

  • 11:48:12: @PaigeMoonShade Eludicate TCs> I've got two, you're welcome to them, I won't use them.
  • 11:54:46: @jaketapper TIME person of the year> I'd pick Billy Nungesser, President of Plaquemines Parish, LA for his efforts during the BP spill
  • 13:54:56: @paigemoonshade Just checked, I've got the same 2 Eludicates in Test, you're welcome to them. Heading to lunch now, I'll be back.
  • 14:40:12: @PaigeMoonShade Logging in momentarily (soon as I close Twitter), I'll be in AmbroseTest, CL base camp by the furniture vendors.
  • 15:59:16: Note to self: Save up for Wraith/Jellyfish hatch! Want DeathGiver/HealthGift (both), Spritely (jelly) & Pips (wraith) in Wraith body.
  • 16:04:28: @arlendawneyes 10 stone blocks/sandstone, 15 sandstone/sunstone = around 2000 stone blocks total for GM Artisan transmutes
  • 16:08:03: @arlendawneyes Correction: 1000 blocks total, 10x10 (sandstone) + 10x15x6 (sunstone)
  • 16:14:41: @arlendawneyes I'm almost done & not that patient, but I'll probably make another post-update so I'll have one to use.
  • 18:53:07: Wraith/Jellyfish combo hatched, 18 hrs = Wraith egg, yay! Here's hoping she's inherited both Pip o'Plenty & Spritely.
  • 18:57:07: And yes, my Wraiths are girls. Parent is Madam Stella, egg is Miss Annie. @spiritcaller knows she-Wraiths rule!
  • 18:58:34: Looking forward to @kevbattleblood on @ravenwoodradio tomorrow night. When's showtime? I don't want to be late again.
  • 19:00:33: @tdeathgem LOL Those Zillas were stirring around my house last night, we've got some major rain today.
  • 21:23:45: @arlendawneyes @FallonDeathwiz No Ordinary Family's on at 9pm EST tonight, got moved back for Grinch/Shrek specials opposite Rudolph.
  • 21:33:11: @arlendawneyes Grinch was on at 8, just missed it, sorry. Shrek's holiday is on now.

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