Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 12-03-2010

  • 02:57:31: @PaigeMoonshade My storm cat / spinyfish mix hatched as another storm cat, got StormTrap for 1st talent. Woot!
  • 03:27:15: @arlendawneyes Talents/Derby are set randomly as each new egg is created, so no, TR hatches don't predict Live offspring.
  • 03:28:39: @arlendawneyes Existing eggs/pets that get copied over to Test will train up same as their real counterparts, think clones.
  • 03:39:15: #petnome hatching tip: If you mix 2 diff pets w/item cards, you can't get card from 1 and body from other. Card always stays w/body form.
  • 03:42:48: @CHawkwalker @icywiz The mystery vault? Once you get to top, you can change realms & boss respawns. Also can mark top floor & port to boss.
  • 03:47:22: Even tho I know I'm exhausted, my brain fights to stay awake worse than a 6yr old waiting for Santa on Xmas Eve. Why can't I shut it off?
  • 11:45:37: @icywiz Promo pets reproduce in a different form from their original one, not really hybrids because the other parent has not effect on it.
  • 11:47:25: @icywiz Danger Hound + Pet X, for instance, produces either a copy of Pet X or a Ghost Hound regardless of what species Pet X is.
  • 11:50:22: @icywiz True hybrids are a cross between both species. Satyr/Wraith has different possible hybrid outcomes than Satyr/Hydra.
  • 11:59:56: @MythspentYouth Did you know you can overflow your attic slots using the "pick up all" housing function? I've had 176/100 items that way.
  • 12:21:13: @stevehamner low pants> Same's true in Kentucky. If your pant legs start at your knees, pull them up, please.
  • 13:22:20: @ChristoSky Unstoppable adds 25% accuracy to 1 spell.
  • 13:23:48: @RogueSorcerer @ChristoSky Star spell card is +25%, Treasure card version is +30%.
  • 15:57:13: @PaigeMoonShade What shall we do? The same thing we do every day, Paige, take over the Spiral.
  • 16:12:42: @DittoWizard This one's for you! RT @amazonmp3 $5 Album: John Denver & the Muppets' A Christmas Together.
  • 16:59:11: From Test Realm: Plants & Celestia Pets in Crowns shop also have Gold prices. I *really* hope that carries over to Live!

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