Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 12-06-2010

  • 02:16:33: Since it's only an hour maintenance window tonight, I'm guessing it's time for Felix Navidad to return & torment @spiritcaller.
  • 02:17:27: @icywiz I've never had a Slurpee, there's not a single 7-11 anywhere in my state.
  • 11:37:07: @icywiz Floppies> When we first dated, hubby ran a dial-up BBS (forum) on a 64K TRS-80 computer w/4 x 5.25" floppy drives.
  • 11:45:47: Vote #Wizard101 for Best Family MMO of the Decade! (thx @beau_hindman)
  • 13:34:32: W101 Gardening question: How close is too close for plants that don't like each other? Does range extend w/plants' rank?
  • 13:42:50: You can't put a seed in a pot/plot that's bigger than it needs, only works if soil size is "just right". But you can overkill pests.
  • 13:45:28: Any difference between regular & enchanted dirt? King Parsleys in each seem to grow at the same rate.
  • 15:26:24: @PaigeMoonShade If they follow normal rules, 2 ice elves should produce another ice elf. Don't think they count as promos but not 100%.
  • 15:30:56: @ChristoSky Crits give you a chance of double damage. Block is a chance the Crit (doubling) fizzles & only does regular damage after all.
  • 15:32:57: @ChristoSky Plants have likes & dislikes, which can include other plants. Laugh-o-Dils and Despairagus dislike each other, for example.
  • 15:34:56: @ChristoSky Plants that like each other grow better together. Disliking their neighbors slows down or damages plants' growth.
  • 15:42:28: @PaigeMoonShade My Ninja Figs are slow too, I think it was 2.5 days from seedling to young.
  • 15:45:54: I need to cash farm soon, to save up for pots & seeds going live. 2 wizards are active pet trainers now, other 4 can garden

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