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Star Songs

December 8th, 2010

From Twitter 12-07-2010 @ 03:17 am

  • 01:03:17: Stupid *$!^&! Trial of the Spheres! Hubby's gotten 2 full sets of my snow gear now, I still need my robe. #ihatenotradenoauction
  • 12:19:04: @NathanFillion Last night's Castle, did y'all just splice in the vault opening from Serenity? I kept looking for Alliance guards down there.
  • 17:37:43: @LydiaGreyrose Could we please get Ringtones of the Gardening flute spell and the pet Cannon game, and the Celestia themes? (Mainly flutes)
  • 17:45:42: Don't sell that 'useless' CL gear yet! New TR patch note: "No Trade and No Auction stats have been removed from many Celestia items."
  • 17:48:19: Had a hunch it would happen, DS Grand gear was no trade/no auction at first too. I can see No Auction, long as it's Tradeable I'm happy!
  • 17:49:35: Of course, I gave up and sold all my stockpile last night to save up for gardening supplies.
  • 17:53:32: @PaigeMoonShade Right there with ya sister! One of these days I'll learn to listen to my instincts & not give up hope.
  • 17:55:52: @MythspentYouth @PaigeMoonShade They've updated in the last 3 hours, TR's patching for me now.
  • 17:57:16: @PaigeMoonShade I've been checking the patch notes every few days, the CL no trade/no auction one's new.
  • 18:17:38: Confirmed: (Test) My No Trade/No Auction CL Snow Boots are no longer restricted except by school
  • 18:19:36: @AlricRavenwiz I agree with you, I'd prefer Yes Trade / No Auction so each Player still has to earn them for his/her own Wizards.
  • 18:22:00: @AlricRavenwiz @LukeGoldHorn Exactly. Why should the best CL stuff be buyable when DS Grand gear still isn't?
  • 18:24:33: @LukeGoldHorn Compromise then, leave it Auctionable but set the Buy price really high (I'm thinking 75-100K range per piece)
  • 18:26:58: @LukeGoldHorn no card> True, but Grand gear doesn't give Crit bonuses. It's all give & take. Wonder when we'll see 60+ gear?
  • 18:29:21: @LukeGoldHorn lol This reminds me of saving 42K gold for my Wolverine's Helm 2yrs ago when some Crown gear had gold prices, pre-housing.
  • 18:41:00: I went mainly Star school, sometimes wish I'd taken Gargantuan path instead. But not worth Crowns to me to retrain. *shrug*
  • 18:43:10: @JessTheTheurge Carry 2 Reshuffles & discard the first one you draw, you'll have 1 in deck & 1 to shuffle back in = infinite deck
  • 18:45:26: @arlendawneyes Free ringtones for every world but CL https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/ringtones
  • 19:55:56: @JessTheTheurge Not yet, it's one of the smaller changes in Test Realm now. No clue if/when it'll go live for sure.

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Star Songs