Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 12-09-2010

  • 12:45:49: Wish I'd called in sick today - and stayed in bed. Really feeling horrible, not ditching to go start a garden.
  • 12:48:22: @LJonte You can't please everyone. Game balance is compromise, which means somebody's not gonna be happy no matter what. How do you decide?
  • 13:05:28: @PaigeMoonShade If you stack plants - float some directly above others - and water the top ones does it rain on the ones below too?
  • 13:06:29: @PaigeMoonShade Or would it work better to water/sun the bottom plants & let it hit ones above on the way down?
  • 13:29:53: @PaigeMoonShade Good point abt stacking same plants, same needs. Might be a way to save energy if it works.
  • 14:21:44: @spiritcaller Felix Navidad has come back to taunt you for another year. Me, I want the Mrs. Claus suit & his lovely ice wands!
  • 15:26:33: @PaigeMoonShade If she casts a lot of non-Myth spells, go with the first. But if it's all myth all the time, take the 2nd option.
  • 15:29:35: @PaigeMoonShade I hardly ever use my secondary schools either beyond Krok. That is a big pip drop, but probably worth the tradeoff.
  • 15:33:40: @PaigeMoonShade Kev's right, once you're in the 90-ish% power pip range there's not much noticeable difference.
  • 15:36:42: @PaigeMoonShade 2nd option also gives you a crit block rating across the board, CL bosses crit a lot so block give chance to avoid it.
  • 17:27:25: @ScarletMoonflwr IDK check Paige's blog archives for how-to float housing objects, float the pots then plant in them.
  • 22:37:56: @Mistheart Felix was in the Shopping District when I looked this afternoon, is he gone again?

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