Starsong (starsongky) wrote,

From Twitter 12-10-2010

  • 15:04:12: @TarotByArwen lol Wonder if they added the sticker before or after their trunk got banged up?
  • 15:27:10: @icywiz We need a Firefox persona for Christmas in the Spiral! Also ones for the other schools (I've seen Fire & Storm).
  • 16:47:55: @arlendawneyes Grand Astrolabe drop> Tobiko's a boss in Stormriven Hall.
  • 16:52:13: Finally gave in to vending machine's siren song. Strawberry ice cream sandwich w/vanilla cookies. Tempted to get another one.
  • 18:39:13: @thestormedyouth Valiant Cyclops>Is that a new gift card pet? Pics & stats would be great, including its "skeleton" (blank abilities page).
  • 18:54:53: Which is better to farm for Holiday drops, Jade Oni or Nightshade? Is either more likely to drop than the other?
  • 18:55:57: @RogueSorcerer Xmas Elf> Not sure but I suspect Jade Oni drops it if anyone does, I got a Cupig from him one Valentine's Day.
  • 18:57:38: @JohnLifeglen Oni for higher lvls makes sense, probably more likely to drop pets too. I mainly want the Mrs Santa outfit.
  • 19:05:46: Does anyone have maps/locations of CL gear recipe vendors? Checked Central & couldn't find it. I'd like to put GMArtisan to use.

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